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    Published: 2012-11-02, by Peter Warrior.

    An app to send mass personalized SMSs

    • Easy and useful
    • Needs more options

    "Happy no-brithday"

    TextBomb allows you send several messages at once, every one containing a personalized name, as this app inserts the name of those you have chosen. Therefore, the result will be something like “hi, vocative, would you like to come to...”. In order to make it even easier, you can make groups and insert location links. There’s a tutorial at the beginning, even when user interface is pretty intuitive.

    It’s important to check you don’t have silly names in your contact list to avoid misunderstandings like “hello, Lara (hot babe friend of my gf) would you...”. The app looks for the first name of the contacts you select, but we all know that sometimes we just put the whole name and even add comments to the first name field.

    Sent SMSs include a link at the end to Textbomb homepage. Even though it would be awesome to have far more customization options, it’s an easy and useful app when several messages must be sent off at once.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 02, 2012


    Send THOUSANDS of messages all at ONCE! Personalize each Textbomb you send! Drop in each name automatically, and everyone will think it's a personal message!

    Don't Waste Texts! Send TextBombs!
    iPod Touch users can now send actual SMS text messages!

    1. FREE TEXTS: To use free texts, tap "Send Textbomb" in the home screen.
    2. MASS TEXTING: This app WILL NOT let you send multiple texts to the same person.

    With TextBomb you can send personalized messages to everyone you know, even including their name! Just write the message and press the NAME button where you want their name to show up, and TextBomb will do it for you!

    You can send personalized messages by writing the message, adding the "Insert Name" button where you want the name to appear, and tapping SEND TEXTBOMB. Each recipient will get the text with their first name where the text is.

    Send unlimited texts through your cell account by composing in TextBomb then tap SEND TEXTBOMB, which will send the mass text through your cell account. This is Free!

    TextBomb comes with a few free text messages to send to your friends. Use it to send wishes for a happy holiday or an announcement that you're having a party!

    Some ideas:

    "Hey NAME, come to my birthday party tonight at 10pm!"
    If you send this to John, for example, it will show up as "Hey John, come to my birthday party tonight at 10pm!"

    "Hey NAME, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!"

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