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    The eSuccess Apps™ is the electronic version of the groundbreaking success tool, The Success Diary®.
    It is an innovative goal achievement tool that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be, in your personal or business life. It was designed to help you achieve any goal you set yourself – even the enormous ones that might seem impossible. The fundamental concept behind The eSuccess Apps™ is activity management, whereby you break your major goal down into smaller, more manageable monthly goals, and even further still into daily actions. The consistent attainment of these daily, goal-oriented actions will bring you closer and closer to achieving your most desired goals and objectives.
    Often we set ourselves goals, but for many that goal remains a fantasy and never actually becomes reality. The eSuccess Apps™ will prompt you to think, plan and prioritize, and then take action by replacing the habit of procrastination with a “Can Do” and a “Do It Now” attitude. Often too, we can lose our enthusiasm whilst pursuing a goal – perhaps because we don’t achieve instant success or because we face constant challenges. The eSuccess Apps™ however, will keep you motivated and help you stay focused.
    Some of the great features The eSuccess Apps™ has to offer you:
    • Goal setting: record the goals you aspire to achieve in a year’s time. You can then break your annual goals down into monthly goals and daily actions, to make achieving your goals seem more tangible and to enable you to take regular steps towards achieving them.
    • Goal oriented actions: add five daily goal oriented actions in order of priority. These are linked to your monthly goals and will help you to stay on track and on target every day.
    • Affirmation: compose your own uplifting affirmations or choose from the templates from the affirmations library. The daily recitation of these affirmations will empower you and reinforce your goals in your subconscious mind.
    • Goal History: to track your progress.
    • Reflection: analyse your performance in light of your future plans and targets.
    • Tasks: record the tasks you need to carry out each day – tasks are actions that need to be attended to but are not necessarily related to your goals.
    • An inspirational quotation for each day of the year.
    • Diary features, including notable and memorable dates, connections (contacts), calendar, notes, expenses and conversions.
    The eSuccess Apps™ for business success was designed with corporate governance in mind, and works equally well for small, medium and large organizations. Corporate account holders benefit from extra features that will help your company communicate strategic objectives to employees, as well as achieve these objectives, in a timely manner. The following sections are unique to corporate account holders:
    • Vision Board – set and communicate business purpose, vision and values
    • Strategic Planning – set strategic goals and capture strategic analysis
    • Strategy Formulation – define market segment, differentiators, strategy map and strategic analysis
    • Strategic Objectives – set business objectives
    • Departmental Objectives – set aligned departmental objectives
    • Balanced Scorecard -
    • Cascading Measures – set aligned employees scorecards
    Corporate account holders can purchase as many licenses for their company as they wish (according to the size of your workforce) and have the flexibility of changing user accounts to Administrator, Manager or Company Member status.
    The eSuccess Apps is simple, practical, easy to use, and will definitely change the way you lead your life and do business.
    Most importantly, it works.
    "If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves." Thomas A Edison (1847 – 1931)
    Take action, change your results.
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