Timer Buddy - Multi Timer

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    A user friendly multi timer application. Allows upto 20 separate timers running at any one time. Easily view each timer as it counts down/up. Allows you to choose if you want a timer to count down or count up, when you create the timer. Select the length of the timer in hours,minutes and seconds.

    When a timer is activated it's row is set to green. Each timer's row has a 'stop' and 'remove' button. If you stop a timer the timer's row will turn yellow and the button change's to 'go'. If you press 'go' the timer row will turn green and the timer will continue from where it was stopped.

    Once a timer expires the timer's row will turn red and an alarm will sound. Simply press the stop button to stop the alarm. Press remove if you want to remove the timer.

    Any timer you create is automatically saved. If you remove a timer it's set back to default.

    If a timer expires and you want it to go a little longer simply click on the timer row change the hours,minutes,seconds and then hit start. The timer will restart and expire again at the chosen time.

    Work's in both Landscape and Portrait Modes.

    Use it in the kitchen for timing your egg in a morning, or for more important tasks. Even use it in the lab if you like. Flexible enough to be used for most timing applications.

    Even allows you to use your device Ring Tone for your alarm.

    Tags:- Kitchen Timer, Multi-purpose Timer, Multi Timer.

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