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    ToDo Task Manager -Pro is a powerful to-do task management tool with a simple and completely customizable user interface. It allows you to quickly and easily track and organize all of your to-do tasks.
    Create custom filters so you can easily organize and switch between to-do lists. Use the calendar month view for a quick way to see all of your upcoming tasks.

    Some Features Include:
    Customizable to-do list view.
    Customizable sorting and filtering.
    Save and name custom sort filter.
    Optional quick search.
    Calendar month view.
    A view details screen that automatically creates links to locations, websites, email addresses, and phone numbers.
    Repeating tasks.
    Repeating reminder alarms.
    Ability to snooze the alarm.
    Customizable home screen widget.
    Export todo task list as TXT, XML, CSV or Outlook CSV files to the SD card.
    Import XML and CSV file.
    Automatically backup to-do tasks to the SD card on a fixed schedule.
    Send a to-do task to the Google calendar.
    Optional microphone buttons for speech to text input.
    Selectable themes.
    Online user manual.

    Visit the ToDo Task Manager website at for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: How can I automatically dial a phone number entered in a task?
    A: Type in a phone number in either the contact field or in the note field to display that phone number as a link when viewing it on either the 'Task Detail View' screen or the 'Alarm Notification detail' screen. Clicking on the link will automatically dial that number.

    Q: How do I create a custom filter?
    A: To save custom filters press the phones menu button while you are on the 'Sort and Filter Settings' window. A menu will pop up. Select 'Save Filter Settings As..'. Then type in the new filter name and press OK.

    Q: Can ToDo Task Manager sync with Google?
    A: To add a task to your calendar long press on a task in the task list until a context menu pops up. Then select the option 'Add to Google Calendar'.
    The ' Sync Add-on -Beta' add-on will sync with the web site On the Toodledo website there are third party tools to sync will Google ( ). This should allow you to sync my application with Google indirectly.

    Q: Can ToDo Task Manager sync with Outlook?
    A: My application does not directly sync with Outlook. It provides the option to import and export tasks to Outlook using a CSV file.
    The ' Sync Add-on -Beta' add-on will sync with the web site On the Toodledo website there are third party tools to sync will Outlook ( ). This should allow you to sync my application with Outlook indirectly.

    Q: How can I search for a specific task in the to-do list?
    A: The search feature is turned off by default. In the application settings select 'Searching, Sorting, and Filtering'. Then check the 'Quick Search On/Off' setting.
    When quick search is turned on my application will filter the task list based on the text typed in the text field at the bottom of the task list screen.

    Q: How do I create a new category?
    A: To create a new category simple type in the new category in the category field on the task edit screen. The button next to the category field displays all of the existing categories in all of the other tasks.

    Q: How can I enter additional information in a new task without having to click on the task in the task list?
    A: Click on the add task button without entering a task title in the text entry field to automatically open the task creation screen. You can also set default values for most of the fields.

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    Charles Vergara

    by Charles Vergara

    May 10, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Perfect reminder notifier for us busy people, and the customization is full featured. from week to, day to hour, minutes to even to seconds. like I said its perfect!

    Gus Tavo

    by Gus Tavo

    Apr 20, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Ecstatic to FINALLY have the simplicity of an efficient (and most of all EFFECTIVE) tool to plan, schedule and be reminded of life's daily activities, appointments and tasks. Does not take over your phone (like so many of the other Apps both Android & Apple). Does not slow down the phone. Love it! Simple, elegant "get-it-at-a-glance" design. Good job!

    Frank Camardi

    by Frank Camardi

    Mar 19, 2017  |  "OK"

    Backing up to phone or SD card does not work have lost content several times. Unable to backup to cloud or Dropbox

    Larry Foster

    by Larry Foster

    Feb 05, 2017  |  "Good"

    Would like to see an option for automatic backup to cloud specifically Dropbox. Thanks

    rachel henneberger

    by rachel henneberger

    Nov 18, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I use this for my household chores list. It's the best!

    suneel kumar

    by suneel kumar

    Sep 13, 2016  |  "Good"

    It looks nice app but not importing XML files