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Total Station Topo Survey Pro

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    This Apps helps Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers to measure and collect topography survey data by connecting users Android phone/tablet to a total station by using bluetooth or a usb-serial adapter cable. This Apps has been optimized for 7in Tablet use.

    Main Feature:
    + Measurement using CL or CL and CR (circle left & circle right).
    + Sight to R.O for setting up an occupied station.
    + Setting point in coordinate system (NEZ).
    + Setting pcode.
    + Setting of Serial Port Settings.
    + Collecting Survey Measurements.
    + Display of Survey Data in 2D view.
    + Coordinate will be set when measure in SD Mode.
    + Export survey data to i) topcon's gts7, ii) csv file format iii) xyz coordinates file format iv) DXF Format
    + Special Export Format, Italian Topo Submission.
    Submission format to use with PREGEO software,
    + Backup/Restore Data to XML format.
    + Setting out/Stake out of point. Mode 1) Continuous 2) Single Measurement.
    + Create Points (for Stake out Use) By i) Point Offset ii) Line Offset iii) Intersect Lines.
    + Calculate Area
    + Resection - 2 Points (
    + Resection - 3 Points, Tienstra's Method (
    + StakeLine

    To Measure:
    1. Using Bluetooth.
    Select "Connect to Bluetooth Total Station" or the Bluetooth icon on the option menu to pair with a bluetooth enable total station.
    2. Using Usb-Serial Adapter cable.
    Connect a USB OTG cable to your android phone/tablet. Then connects a USB-Serial Adapter to the OTG cable. This tool support most USB-Serial Adapter chipset (1. Prolific 2. FTDI). Lastly connects a serial cable from the total station to the Usb-Serial Adapter, this cable is supplied by the total station manufacturer. Select from the option menu 'Connect Usb-Serial Adapter' or the usb icon.

    Select 'Set R.O' to start survey and 'Survey' option to start observation. Pressing 'Save' after measurement to save your observations.

    Use the 'Export' on the options menu to save the measurement data to Topcon's gts7 or csv format file.

    1. Bluetooth.
    2. Usb-Serial Adapter cable.

    Supported Total Station:
    1. Topcon. including Topcon-Sokkia and Topcon-Gowin.
    2. Nikon.
    3. Leica.
    4. Sokkia SETX.
    5. Pentax (setting Horz Angle, please use keypad on Pentax total station)

    Supported Languages:
    1. English.
    2. Chinese (Traditional)
    3. Italian.

    Future Plans:
    1. More Language Support.
    2. New Features will be added here.

    Thank you

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