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Total Station Topo Survey

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    This Apps is for users with Android version 2.3 GingerBread. For Android version 3.1 and above please use 'Total Station Topo Survey Pro'.

    This Apps helps Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers to measure and collect topography survey data by connecting users Android phone/tablet to a total station by using bluetooth or a usb-serial adapter cable.

    This Apps can use the total station to measure horizontal and vertical angle, horizontal and vertical distance and setting horizontal angle on the total station.

    Please use the free version, 'Total Station Survey' to test the connectivity with the total station.

    Main Feature:
    + Measuring in Horizontal Angle (HA) Mode, Horizontal Distance (HD) Mode and Slope Distance (SD) Mode.
    + Setting of Horizontal Angle Data.
    + Setting point in coordinate system (NEZ).
    + Setting pcode.
    + Setting of Serial Port Settings.
    + Collecting Survey Measurements.
    + Display of Survey Data in 2D view.
    + Coordinate will be set when measure in SD Mode.
    + Export survey data to i) topcon's gts6 ii) topcon's gts7, iii) starplus star*net v6 and iv) csv file format.
    + Special Export Format, Italian Topo Submission.
    Submission format to use with PREGEO software,
    + Backup/Restore Data to XML format.
    + Area calculation on survey measurement.
    + Setting out/Stake out of point.
    + Create Points (for Stake out Use) By i) Point Offset ii) Line Offset iii) Intersect Lines.
    + For Android 2.3, only Bluetooth Connection is Supported.

    To Measure:
    1. Using Bluetooth.
    Select "Connect to Bluetooth Total Station" on the option menu to pair with a bluetooth enable total station. The 'set Horz.Angle' and Measure Buttons will be enable for measurement.
    2. Using Usb-Serial Adapter cable.
    Connect a USB OTG cable to your android phone/tablet. Then connects a USB-Serial Adapter to the OTG cable. This tool support most USB-Serial Adapter chipset (1. Prolific 2. FTDI). Lastly connects a serial cable from the total station to the Usb-Serial Adapter, this cable is supplied by the total station manufacturer. Select from the option menu 'Connect Usb-Serial Adapter'.

    Use the 'Measure' button to to measure in HA or SD Mode. Pressing 'Save' in the measure dialog will save measure data to the main screen. Measurement in HD/SD mode can be use for Area calculation.

    Use the 'Area' button for area calculation. Key in station number delimited by comma. Area is calculated based on coordinates calculated by using bearing and distance measured in SD Mode. Coordinate will be computed indirectly if there is no direct measurements.

    Use the 'Export' on the options menu to save the measurement data to Topcon's gts6 or csv format file.

    Supported Total Station:
    1. Topcon. including Topcon-Sokkia and Topcon-Gowin.
    2. Nikon.
    3. Leica.
    4.Sokkia SETX.

    Supported Languages:
    1. English.
    2. Italian.
    3. Chinese (Traditional).

    Future Plans:
    1. New Features will be added to "Total Station Topo Survey Pro".

    Thank you.

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