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    You know how cumbersome it can be to type out your email address on your phone or tablet. Even if my Chrome browser logs in automatically, I frequently end up typing my email address on some sites, again and again.
    If you are like me, then this little widget is for you!

    How it works?
    This is a simple widget that you can put on your home-screen and when the time comes, simply touch it, to copy the email address!
    Then you can paste it anywhere using the Android default "Paste" option.

    -: FEATURES :-
    - Shows all email IDs configured on your device. Resize widget to see more IDs
    - Copy any of your email address to the Android clipboard with a single touch
    - No internet permission required. No ads
    - No background service. Very less battery usage.

    You can always choose to log-out from websites, knowing that it is now easy to enter your email address!

    * There is no app icon in the main launcher. You can find it in the Widget section as "Touch N Paste"
    * This widget does NOT run in the background and hence does not consume any battery.
    * Accounts permission required to access your email addresses

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