Touchless+ is a hands free NO AD! application that allows you to easily use basic yet necessary functions with the wave of a hand or by simply taking your device out of your pocket!

    Please acknowledge that most poor reviews are because the devices used did not have the necessary sensor for the app to work. If the app does not work with the hand wave, it is very likely that your device also does not have the required sensor as mentioned in the "Note" below.

    With Touchless+ you can effortlessly access:
    -date and time
    -flashlight (screen flash light and camera flash light)
    -front camera (to use as a mirror. Zoom and light supported)
    -battery percentage and status

    Touchless+ also includes:
    -timer dependent on battery and user input to prevent unnecessary battery use
    -changing backgrounds dependent on time
    -easy access widget to start and stop app from Home Screen
    -the ability to pass your lock screen. No need to put in your password!

    Once you have installed the app and started it, your device should vibrate and a window should appear with a brief explanation of the app. If you see the apps icon in the menu bar then you have successfully started the application. Simply turn off your screen, wait at least 5 seconds and then wave your hand in front of the device which should turn it on. You could also use the Touchless+ widget to start and stop the app from your Home Screen.

    If you have any questions, concerns, comments, new pictures for the backgrounds or ideas for future improvements please contact us at

    This device uses a sensor which calculates the proximity of objects in front of it. While many devices have this sensor, those without the sensor will not be compatible with this application. If you are unsure if your device has this sensor, you can try using this application or look for the proximity sensor in your devices specifications.

    Keywords: Air touch, touchless, no touch, swipe, autostart, mirror, light, wave
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