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    This app can track your work time easily! It lets you categorize each recorded interval by a client/task and a free text. Of course, the list of clients/tasks can be edited to suit your needs.

    Additionally, if you wish, your flexible time account is taken care of: you always see how much you worked. You can also keep an eye on how much work time is left for today (by a notification which you can enable).

    You even may provide the geo-coordinates or the Wi-Fi network name of your work place and the app can automatically clock you in while you are at work! This is done without using GPS, so your battery won't be emptied by this app.

    If you prefer to use other apps like Llama or Tasker for tracking your movements, that's fine - TWT can be triggered from these apps and just do the book-keeping of your work time. In this case, you have to create broadcast intents called org.zephyrsoft.trackworktime.ClockIn or org.zephyrsoft.trackworktime.ClockOut. When using ClockIn, you can also set the parameters task=... and text=... in the "extra" section of the intent so your events are more meaningful. For more details on this, see the web site.

    If you like, the app can backup its data on Google's servers using Android's standard mechanism. But it's always up to you - if you don't enable it actively, it won't happen!

    Finally, the app can generate reports for you. The raw events report is the right thing if you want to import your data somewhere else, while year/month/week reports are fine if you just want to keep track of your task progress.

    This is an open source project, so if there is something you don't like, you are very welcome to contact me or even write some code yourself and contribute it. Please don't try to communicate with me via reviews, that doesn't work in both directions. Just write me an email, and I'll see what I can do.

    Important note: The app definitely won't covertly send your personal data anywhere. Only if you explicitly enable it, the backup will be stored on Google's servers. Here's why the app needs the permissions it asks for:

    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: If you want to auto-clock your time being at a specific location, you may give the coordinates and the app will detect when you enter and exit the location. It uses the network to get the coarse location, so your battery won't be drained by GPS. If you don't like the app being able to do this, you may take away the permission - the app will continue to work without it.

    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: The app can generate reports of your clocked time. This permission allows to write the reports to SD card (which is necessary before sending them to you, e.g. via email).

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: If you enable location-based clock-in and clock-out, the app checks periodically where you are. If your device reboots, it has to tell this to TWT or else TWT won't check the location correctly until you open it manually for the first time after the reboot. The background service is disabled by default.

    INTERNET: In some rare cases, the app might crash. To fix these crashes if they occur, it is critical to receive reports about them, so the app sends some information about the problem to the developer just before it goes down. None of the private data you entered into the app will be sent, neither any locations nor any times! As this is an open source project, you can verify this very easily, just look at the code! Please note, if you don't like the app being able to do this, you may take away the permission - the app will continue to work without it, but perhaps some bugs might not be fixed.

    VIBRATE: The app can be configured to vibrate at location-based clock-in / clock-out events. If you don't like that, just don't enable the option in the app. It is disabled by default.

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