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    Trackzio is the new smartphone application that allows you to track your contacts and assign them tasks. You can receive real-time alerts when your contact on Trackzio reaches the designated/delegated location and can even know the time and place of where they completed any assigned task. In simple words, Trackzio allows you to "follow" your friends and be "followed by" your friends.

    Who should use Trackzio?

    - Friends who want to be in contact all the time and have their friends do some work for them.

    - Parents who want to know whereabouts of their children.

    - Managers who want to keep track of their sales team and want to fix appointments/tasks for them

    - Wives who want to remind their husbands to fetch grocery when they reach market.

    Trackzio is for one and all, who wants to locate, assign tasks, know movement of others.


    Complete Privacy Control
    A Follower can only follow a person if that person has granted him permission to follow. A user can receive permission requests from many followers but he has complete control to allow/deny requests. Only selected followers can access your location and movement details.

    Track Multiple Persons simultaneously
    By using Trackzio you can track and manage multiple people simultaneously.

    User movements on heat map:
    The app has a very useful feature called Heat maps. They are a way to display user's location, routes taken (movement history) and activities on interactive Google map.

    Real-time Notifications:
    Location awareness and Geo fencing technologies gives you real-time notifications on your mobile device when your task gets completed or are assigned to contacts or when the person who you are tracking, travels in city.

    Manage Tasks & Appointments:
    Trackzio can make sure that everybody in your team does everything as per the schedule and the expectations. You can assign tasks and find out if your team completes them on time and at the particular location where it was supposed to be done. (which actually means no-one can fool you by just updating the task without really going to the location of task)

    Location Discovery
    For quick & better location discovery, Trackzio uses both GPS & Network.

    Note: At times, a highly accurate location won’t be available, it may be due to week internet connection, GPS, WiFi or other location services are not turned on.

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