True Position




    A calculator for finding the true position of holes. Enter the dimensions and tolerances from the engineering drawing.

    In manufacturing, this will help you to calculate whether the position of holes meet the required tolerance. Calculates results both with and without Maximum Material Condition.

    True position is the deviation from the theoretical location of the hole or feature as shown on the drawing. A True Position of 0.000 would mean the hole is exactly where it is supposed to be. A True Position of 0.010 means the hole is 0.010 off from where it is supposed to be. If that 0.010 is more than the tolerance given on the drawing then the true position of the hole is out of tolerance.

    • Calculates Radial and Diameter True Position
    • Calculates Basic dimensions
    • Calculates Maximum Material Condition
    • Includes optional custom keyboard for devices without proper keyboards

    Note: Requires ARMv7 and NEON CPU Feature:
    You can check your device with the SysCheck app.
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