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    Please read the last lines of the description to find out the differences from the normal version!
    Sleek, intuitive, and powerful Android FTP client & SFTP client for faster and easier server maintenance.
    Built following the latest Android guidelines to make the experience the most intuitive on the Store also on Tablets!

    "Fast & Full Featured FTP Client for Android" XDA Developers
    "Makes FTP Easy and Stylish"
    • IT
    "Un ottimo programma di gestione FTP"
    "Un nuovo client FTP in chiave Holo"
    "App of the Day"
    • ES
    "Conexión rápida a tus servidores FTP"
    "Tu Cliente FTP Sencillo Y Útil"
    • DE
    "FTP FTPs SFTP für Android"
    "FTP-Client für Android mit FTP, FTPS, FTPES und SFTP"
    "FTP-Client im Holo-Design"
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    Best Features
    ✔ Holo themed (avaiable in dark and light versions) and minimal icons
    ✔ Incredibly fast
    ✔ Optimized for Tablets (following the last Androd Design Guidelines)
    ✔ Translated in many languages (a special thanks to all the translators!)
    ✔ Passwords are encrypted (for more security it's recommended to use an app to protect the access to the app)
    ✔ Movable on the sd card (to save space on the internal memory)
    ✔ Private key and passphrase support (for sftp connections)
    ✔ All you can do on local files you can on remote ones
    ✔ Turbo File Editor (with Undo/Redo actions, Line numbering and Syntax Highlight for html, css, js, phoand other web languages)
    ✔ Ability to use you favorite editor (like Kingsoft Office, Droid Edit and others) to edit your server files from Turbo Client (Textual and Media files are supported both)
    ✔ Samsung Multiview support (to resize the application as much as you like)
    ✔ Ability to open every file as temporary one if you just want to view it
    ✔ Regular and rich updates
    ✔ Personal and kind support
    And much more!

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    This is the unlocked version of Turbo Client. You will have all the premium features! That mean you can edit online files directly in the app.
    This version contains an ad to support the development of the app. The ad in not intrusive, the app does not contain push notifications or launcher ads.

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