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    Texting while driving has become a very important issue in the world. It is one of the leading causes in injury and VeloCT is here to help change that. It will help protect both you and other drivers on the road. VeloCT will automatically detect when a person is driving via their Android phone's GPS. The GPS will determine the speed of the user and automatically respond to texts if the driver is moving faster than the user-set speed. For example, the driver can set his phone with his own specific message to auto-reply to all incoming texts if he traveling greater than 25 miles per hour.

    The world has moved into a completely technological state where a constant flow of information is not only needed but also a part of our daily lives. This has posed a safety threat to our tech-savvy society. According to the United States government, 20% of injury crashes in 2009 involved distracted driving. A driver using a cell phone while simultaneously driving has the delayed reaction equivalent to a blood alcohol concentration of .08.

    This tool will allow people to set and forget. The application is a low footprint application and will allow the user to focus while operating a motor vehicle. Take advantage of technology to potentially help save lives!

    This application is currently in BETA. NEW FEATURES ARE COMING SOON. UPDATES COMING! Please email all issues to so we can help make this a better experience for all.

    Created with Channing Huang and James Ting

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