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    Tired of checking whether a Web page or RSS feed has published any desired content or has been updated? Do not worry about it with "WEB RSS Watchdog Page Monitor".

    With this application you can automate the task of checking a Web page or a RSS feed in an easy way, preventing you to do it manually and visually with your Internet browser and offering you to attend other occupations while you delegate this task in your device. At the time the application detects that a Web or a RSS page must have been modified compared to the previous check, you will get a visual, audible or vibration notification.

    Many Web pages offer its content of news using the RSS standard, so whatever update or new news occurred is usually informed in the corresponding RSS file. Therefore any change inside it maybe mean that there is an update or modification of the relevant content of the Web page. Whether you do not know which is the main related RSS address of the Web page to monitor, the application implements the "RSS Autodiscovery" specification to discover the path to that RSS document if exists. In affirmative case and if it is configured in the application, the check of the page will be done using this document (if many, the first RSS found). In opposite case it will be done using the HTML code of the page.

    You only have to select the checking time interval between the checks and specify the URL address of the Web page or a related RSS feed. "WEB RSS Watchdog Page Monitor" allows you to do the check whenever you like, as well, in a quickly way, and not waiting for the selected checking time interval finishes. Also you can directly open the page from the application to check its content visually.

    All the checks done are saved in a history with relevant related information. For example the amount of Bytes consumed of your Internet connection for each check is shown and the total amount gathered allowing you to know how you use and spend your data connection by using "WEB RSS Watchdog Page Monitor".

    In case the checks are done using the HTML code of the Web page instead of the related RSS, is important to note that the application works fine when the Web pages do not have content which is frequently changing such as news or advertisements. In other case is unavoidable that the application will notify you constantly that the page has changed due to those contents imply a different HTML structure. Please note that the reason is not because a failure in the software but it is due to the fact that each Web page has a different structure that makes difficult to make a general and succesful analysis for all Web pages. Sometimes they have data or internal numbers that are changed and that are not visible to the user in a browser but are used for the systems that process them making a diference that the application will notify you. To minimize this, the possibility of using the mentioned RSS standard is offered.

    "WEB RSS Watchdog Page Monitor" offers free all its features but it is sponsored by advertisements to help maintain the tool.

    We wish the application is useful for you and allows you to save time focusing it in other tasks. We encourage you to send us your comments, opinions, suggestions, bugs to improve this project. Your feedback is very valuable to us, therefore we will be pleased if you spend a small momment giving your opinion rating us in Google Play Store. Thank you very much.

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    ann howell

    by ann howell

    Feb 20, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    It's accurate in change dictation

    Peter Wells

    by Peter Wells

    Oct 19, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Seems to do what it says..thank you

    Dennis Brooks

    by Dennis Brooks

    Jun 06, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Only checks one site and false alerts changes. No method to check specific elements on pages ie. Keyword or price

    Александр Яновский

    by Александр Яновский

    Oct 12, 2015  |  "OK"

    Please add keywords scanner.



    Dec 15, 2014  |  "Good"

    ***Best Application ever found for the purpose*** Expected/Missing Features: 1. Multi Web pages support. 2. Pop-up notification should open standalone, instead of inside the application as it redirects us to the webpage only. 3. Refresh interval should be minimum 15 or 30 second rather than 1 minute. Please make it perfect by implementing the features above...

    Samyukth Rathod

    by Samyukth Rathod

    Sep 23, 2014  |  "Great"

    I dont know where Im going wrong but the app keeps alerting me even if there's no update in the website Im checking, Ive tried a few other websites too but the results are the same. Please help me out