Well Read

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    Don't be ignorant - get Well Read!

    * Transform yourself into the avid reader you always wanted to be.
    * Get your assigned book read well before the book report is due.
    * Give your kids the easy way dominate their summer book club.
    * Experience a flood of creativity as you open your mind through the simple pastime of regular reading.

    Kid-safe - no monitoring or usage tracking functionality in this app. Just a one time fee for a lifetime of good reads!

    Meet your unique and personal book reading goals while receiving encouraging visual feedback on your progress tracked by this app!

    Just answer 'When do you want to start?' and 'When do you want to finish?', and Well Read will do all of the tedious planning to set you on your way to success.

    * Generate custom reading plans (any book | any date range | any arrangement of included days of the week)
    * Upload daily reading agendas of custom plans to Google account calendar
    * Track progress through reading plan by marking off completed assignments on automatically created checklists
    * Receive continual encouragement in the form of visual feedback via graphical progress report panel