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WetForm NCNE

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    WetForm NCNE (Northcentral and Northeast Region) – is data collection software for the latest wetland delineation forms from the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE). WetForm NCNE Android connects with WetForm ACCESS Desktop ( to quickly and easily edit and print (to pdf) the wetland delineation/determination forms required by the COE.

    The regional versions of the COE as well as the recent changes to the National Wetland Plant List (May 2016) are incorporated in this highly automated data entry form. WetForm Android NCNE includes an automatic lookup species list that includes over 13,000 taxa. When you look up a species, the indicator status is automatically filled in, and when you enter the cover value for that species, the dominance, prevalence and FAC-neutral calculations are automated.

    - All of the vegetation, hydrology, and soils information are easily filled in, and all of the logic is automated.
    - The entire COE manual including the images are included as help files.
    - If your device has built in GPS functions, the latitude and longitude of your location can be filled in automatically. You can also connect to an external GPS device with Bluetooth to automate the recording of your coordinates.

    WetForm Android exports comma delimited files (csv) that directly import into WetForm ACCESS Desktop.

    Please view the WetForm AGC Android Video Tour (all the regions work the same as the AGC Region) to see the basic functions of WetForm Android on YouTube, and to see more details about the functions and speed of this program go to:

    Long Tour (13 minutes)

    Combined Tour (30 minutes) - Describes Desktop and mobile versions of WetForm

    To see the desktop version of WetForm go to

    All of the screen shots below are for the AGC region, but the screens for all the regions are similar but with the specific details appropriate for that region.

    Although WetForm Android is designed to be used with WetForm Desktop (purchased separately), it can be used as a handy wetland delineation field calculator, species lookup and COE Manual resource without the desktop version.

    NO network data plan is needed, and no annual subscription is charged. WetForm Android does not need network connection.

    CAUTION: Please be sure your Android device is sunlight viewable. Not all devices have sunlight visible screens. I have had good success using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 inch, and the Samsung Galaxy Player 4 inch, neither of which need a data plan. There are also ruggedized 7 inch tablets from Panasonic, GeTac and others that are sunlight visible. Of course WetForm Android will also function on your Android Phone, but check to evaluate whether or not it is sunlight readable.

    Here is a YouTube video about an economic set up of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" with battery backup that works well and runs all day. Total cost for the hardware is less than $300.

    NEW USERS: When you first open WetForm it will take a few minutes as the large species data table is expanded. The program will open a lot faster after the initial install. The first thing you need to do is create a record. Find the menu button that will be either three horizontal bars or three vertical dots, tap it then select Project>Add Record.

    NOTE - when the SPECIES LOOKUP LIST is updated, you need to uninstall then reinstall WetForm since the data tables have changed. BE SURE TO EXPORT YOUR SAMPLE DATA FIRST. You can then reimport your sample data.

    How to clear an entry in the vegetation forms - Put your cursor in the row where you want to remove a species. Do your species search on AAA, you will then get one item called AAA Clear Data. Select that item and it will clear that row.