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    1st Whisper is a Wi-Fi connectivity management and WISPr client.

    1st Whsiper NOW is an Open Source project @ Google Code

    Currently this app is out of maintenance. If your WIFI ISP is using standard WISPr, this app is still applicable. However, if you encounter any issues or problems, we do not provide supports any more. That's because Taiwan's or other WIFI ISPs have their different policies, we cannot handle everything for free.

    Thanks for testing support from these users: da bendan, Rudy Huang

    You can setup multiple Wi-Fi connectivity rules for different SSID. When your Wi-Fi is ON and connected, by match the name or substring of your service configuration, 1st Whisper can automatically login to the Wi-Fi service provider with your username/password. It makes you easily surf the web and internet without suffer from tedious WEB authentication process.

    Warning: You should have the username/password to access the Wi-Fi service. This program is a simple WISPr client implementation. The username format in WISPr might be different than you key-in to the Web authentication. Contact your Wi-Fi provider for detail information.

    WIRELESS login solution (using the user name format below, password is not changed, "username" is your login account)
    * CHT Wi-Fi - emome user:; Hinet User:
    * WiFly for WirelessGate user - Try aicent/wig/username or username@wig@aicent
    * WiFly for Trustive user - Try trustive/username2011

    For Taiwan Users: Following Wi-Fi services have WISPr compatible login services
    1. CHT Wi-Fi (hinet): Compatible, tested (since 1.0 release)
    2. iTaiwan: Compatible, tested (since 1.2 release)
    3. TPE-Free: Compatible, tested (since 1.2 release)
    4. NewTaipei: Compatible, not tested yet
    5. 7wifi: Capable, not tested yet
    6. Wifly: Capable, not tested yet
    Others are unknown or NO WISPr compatible

    To automatically login to CHT Wi-Fi service, please set the service SSID to "cht wi-fi" (case insensitive is OK, unless you have checked case sensitive option). If you are emome user, please use the form as the username; if you are hinet user, please use as the username. The password is the same one you have.

    How to Configure:
    1. Press "Add Service" button to add a new item
    2. Service name: enter a friendly name to easily recognize for you
    3. SSID: full string or substring of Wi-Fi provider SSID.
    => example 1: "cht wi-fi" can match with "CHT Wi-Fi" or "CHT Wi-Fi (hinet)"
    => example 2: "Wifly" can match with "WIFLY", "WIFLY Starbucks", "WIFLY MOS"
    4. Fully match: Wi-Fi AP SSID must exactly match your setting in above
    5. Case sensitive: Wi-Fi AP SSID must be compared in case sensitive mode
    6. Username: Your user account name. (Please add "" if your account is CHT emome; add "" if your account is CHT hinet)
    7. Password: The accound password
    8. Auto Login: Once your mobile Wi-Fi is connected to the SSID setting above, automatically log in to the service

    More requests: If you have other Wi-Fi service access account, would you please help me to test on your Wi-Fi service?
    Please press "Option Menu" and click "Debug" to toggle "Detail log" to ENABLE mode. Add your service SSID, username, password to your configuration and try to connect to your Wi-Fi service by "WISPr connect". Then press "Option Menu" again to view log. Please send the detail log to me to enable more Wi-Fi services characterization. (No user/password saved in the log)

    Disclaimer: The App only provides Wi-Fi account management and automatic login service. No extra fee is spent or sent to the App or authors. The Wi-Fi connection cost or bill and roaming rates are calculated by its provider. The Wi-Fi connection is directly or indirectly controlled by the user via this App. The App does not have any responsibilities for extra Wi-Fi or roaming cost/bill.

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