Wimi ( streamlines teamwork, allowing businesses to quickly and easily access shared documents, tasks and project calendars. Wimi keeps you up to date and in touch with other team members no matter your location or theirs. Notifications and updates are registered in real-time, making Wimi the perfect all-in-one solution for collaborative processes in business.

    *Keep your business organized
    Wimi helps you organize your efforts and know what’s getting done and who’s doing it. Create new projects in seconds for your teams and your clients. Use Wimi to manage task lists, share calendars and chat to other users in real-time. You can also use our platform to organize teamwork and follow up on on-going projects with a single key-stroke.
    *Access your work anywhere
    Wimi synchronizes your documents across your digital devices, from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. New versions of Wimi are automatically updated across all your devices thanks to smart versioning. Edit user controls and account access for each individual project or file within your business. Users access only the files and documents available to them.

    *Wimi is simple and easy to use
    Wimi's layout facilitates your user experience. There is no need for any additional training to sign up and use Wimi. You can add and edit user accounts easily and integrate Wimi into your workplace in seconds. Get up and running in seconds with our easy log-in page. Data access rights for your files and documents are easy to manage from a centralized panel/dashboard/interface.

    *Work better with clients
    Wimi helps you collaborate better with your clients by allowing you to create custom workspaces, to easily share documents while controlling file access in a secure space.

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