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    Take control of your Media Center PC with this Android application. This application allows your Android powered phone or tablet to act as a remote control for your media center PC. With the client software and Android App installed you will be able to do everything from surf the web, control your media, put the PC to sleep or wake it up and much, much more...


    *** Problems with mouse on HTC One ***
    Sadly I do not have an HTC One to test with so I am unable to resolve the issue at this time. If anyone has a One they would like to donate to the cause then email This software is FREE so I cannot buy a device for testing.

    Wake the PC up or put it to sleep. **** requires wake-on-lan supported device ****

    Send quick launch icons directly to the client.

    Touchpad mouse functionality with left / right click and scroll capability.

    Custom media, browser and arrow keyboards.


    Moving the mouse can be achieved by touching and moving your finger anywhere inside the mouse pad (section where the hand is pointing).

    Left Click by tapping or "quick clicking" with one finger anywhere inside the mouse pad section.

    Right Click by holding one finger on the mouse pad and tapping or "quick clicking" with another finger anywhere inside the mouse pad section.

    Scrolling inside applications can be done by pressing and holding with your index finger, then with your middle finger touch and slide up or down.

    Quick Launch applications which the server sends are located at the top bar. Click the icons controls applications on the server. You can also have the remote device sleep by pressing the power icon on the far left **** Windows Vista and above ****.

    Keyboard input can be loaded by clicking the keyboard icon inside the launch bar or by using Android's built in menu button and selected "Standard Keys".

    Extended Keys can be loaded by clicking Android's built in menu button and selected the desired keyboards. You should have built in shortcut keys for browser actions, media actions and arrow keys.

    Settings for mouse speed, click speed and scrolling speed can be changed via the Android menu key from the server view of the app.


    INTERNET - Needed for communicating with the server software. Only local communication is needed. No data is transmitted or received from anything other than the desktop software.

    WIFI-STATE - Needed to check the IP and connectivity information so communication can be established with the server software.

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