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    Avoid dangerous wiring miscalculations with this simple wire gauge selector 120V-480V
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    Easy to read with accuracy due to large bold text
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    Warning: This calculator selects the gauge based on a 3% voltage drop. This is consistent with most electrical code but I advise you to check your local electrical code.

    Tutorial: Step by step
    General Info: When Wire Size Calculator Ad Free is first opened all fields are reset. All fields play a part in determining the gauge of wire required to maintain less than 3% voltage drop. This calculator is only as correct as the data that is entered.
    Step 1: Select the wire type Copper/Aluminum, Phase, and AC Voltage.
    Step 2: Enter the length to the load in feet. (One way)
    Step 3: Enter the Amps of the highest possible load.
    Step 4: The gauge is displayed at the bottom. The equation should be reviewed to insure correct data entry.

    Q: What is the sizing range available?
    A: This calculator recommends sizes #14 AWG to 2000 mcm.

    Q: Does this application fallow a specific size chart?
    A: This program references many equations/charts. If a physical reference is needed American Wire Gauge (awg) sizing charts are available in printable forms online.

    Q: Are we adding functions in the future?
    A: This app was designed to fit my requirements for my career. If you need extra functions like DC or metric units send me an email at and I will add these features in future updates.

    Q: How do I submit suggestions or problems with about the wire size calculator?
    A: The best way is to send an email to

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    Wire Size Calculator Ad Free is designed for estimating wire gauge in AC circuits. Wire Size Calculator Ad Free is a tool and not responsible for its misuse.

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