Boost productivity and end procrastination with WorkShift!

    Working in short bursts is supposed to be most effective. But how often do you find yourself putting things off and having to work solidly to beat a deadline? WorkShift helps you get out of this vicious cycle of stress and anxiety by enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively. Hopefully you will end up with more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

    Simply tell WorkShift how much time you want to spend working (default is 25 minutes) and how long a break you need (default 5 minutes). You then do some work and, after 25 minutes, WorkShift sends you a notification reminding you to take a break. 5 minutes later you'll receive another notification telling you to get back to work.

    What you do on your break is entirely up to you! You might like to watch a YouTube video, speak to a friend or read a few pages of a novel. However, it's a good idea to use your break to get away from your desk and from the computer screen. Don't use your break to check email or to do anything even remotely "useful". You should try to use at least every other break to go for a walk (outdoors if possible), meditate or do some stretches.

    The app cannot force you to do work and it does require a certain amount of self-control on your part! It's equally important for you to take the breaks as it is that you do the work. You must take the break, however much work you have or have not got done. Try to ignore unhelpful thoughts like "I haven't earned my break" or "If I leave this now I'll forget where I got to" or "I'll just finish this one little thing first". The aim of the break IS to get distracted and forget your work (for a few minutes), and to come back refreshed when it is time. Your subconscious mind might even have solved a problem you were stuck on while you were away.

    VIBRATE - allows phone to vibrate for notifications instead of making a noise. (Useful in a library environment).

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