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Xpert-Timer Time Tracking

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    Xpert-Timer Time Tracker is the perfect app for tracking your working hours spent on projects and tasks.

    A project time tracking app like Xpert-Timer is a necessary tool for any successful company or freelancer. If you need a complete overview on how your time is spent, Xpert-Timer lets you create timestamps for your project work, sub projects and tasks easily. Use the reporting options to identify time wasters or print the report for your clients. When a project is completed, generate the report and get it signed on site with the In-App "Signature module", or send it to your client through email.

    Here are some features of Xpert-Timer time tracker:

    • Project time tracking by hitting the start/stop button
    • Optional comment on every timestamp
    • Manual timestamps can be created
    • Client management
    • To-Do list
    • Indiviual pricing for each project
    • Barcode scanner to start/stop projects
    • Check-in / check-out reports
    • Multiple timerange reports with graphic
    • Filter options to create reports broken down by client, project or task
    • Export your time tracking to HTML and CSV
    • Generate professional PDF reports (additional charge)
    • Sign your PDF reports directly on the screen of your mobile device (additional charge)
    • Synchronization with server database of Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise for Windows (additional charge)
    • Take photos and upload them into the Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise database (additional charge & XTPro/Enterprise necessary!)
    • Call detection can start/stop projects automatically when client calls or is called (additional charge)
    • Create email reports or share reports using dropbox, etc.
    • GPS location on timestamps
    • Display of your created timestamps on a map based on your GPS location
    • Database backup and restore

    Xpert-Timer Time Tracker is a standalone app for your Android mobile device and does not rely on an internet connection. This makes the product perfect for tracking your working hours or time spent on tasks wherever you are.

    You can create to-dos, sub projects/tasks, main projects/tasks and link them to a client. Additionally you can add comments to every timestamp and have Xpert-Timer Time Tracker calculate the costs by setting an hourly rate for the project/task. This hourly rate may vary for each project.

    Xpert-Timer can also create and scan barcodes/QR-codes. Create a QR-Code in the project settings, stick it on your machine or file and simply start tracking time by scanning it. Perfect, if you need to switch back and forth between projects.

    Export your reports to .html or .csv. With the additional module "PDF-Reporting" you can create PDF Reports from Xpert-Timer and share them. Additionally, in case you need a signature of your client, you can purchase the "PDF-Signing" module which allows you to sign the PDF Report directly on your screen.

    A lot of shortcuts and functions are implemented in Xpert-Timer, so please make sure you read the manual to get most out of the product.
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    Read some comments from our users:
    Tony Myers: [...This is an awesome app for keeping track of your time...]
    Anonymous: [...I have been using this app for a long time, and this is one of the rare devs on the market who will actually respond to email and implement suggestions....]
    Edward Pillow: [...Awesome app, Frequent Updates, Lots of features...]

    For further details please visit the product website at:

    + The permission "READ CONTACTS" is needed to let you import a client from your contacts to the Xpert-Timer Time Tracker.
    + The permissions "MONITOR OUTGOINGCALL" and "READ PHONE STATE" are neccessary for the automatic call detection module.
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    Users comments for Xpert-Timer Time Tracking

    Carl hawkins

    by Carl hawkins

    Oct 04, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Fantastic app, well worth investing in, I am a sole trader here in the UK, this makes creating reports easy, keeping track of my time has never been so easy..

    Eric Schunneman

    by Eric Schunneman

    Nov 03, 2016  |  "Great"

    My bookkeeper appreciates the format when I email my time card.

    John Wienecke

    by John Wienecke

    Oct 06, 2016  |  "Great"

    The app works good and easy to use. The only reason it is not 5 stars is the reporting and extracting the time for billing and reporting is not straight forward and requires times.

    Mario Neira

    by Mario Neira

    Aug 25, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    This app is more robust than I anticipated, and many more features than I expected. Well designed... and app is quick on my Samsung Galaxy 7. I'm looking forward to testing the auto pause and auto time-stamp with client call. A nice feature for a future add-on would be to have the app give the option to auto pause and auto add new prospect time-stamp, or option to link new number with time-stamp to client when client calls from new number.

    Andy McCall

    by Andy McCall

    Feb 29, 2016  |  "Awesome"


    Ken Mitchell

    by Ken Mitchell

    Feb 25, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I do a lot of 5 to 10 minute jobs remotely for clients. This software has help me keep track of that and has paid for it self in the first month using it.