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    Zukmo enables users to easily build their free Personal Digital Library in the cloud in order to store, access and share all the digital content of multiple formats and languages from various sources in one central location.It can help you to Save, Share, Search & Sync any content of interest to you and will Simplify the access, retrieval and readability of all your stored information.

    You will be able to add information from any content source (URLs, Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Desktop/Offline Documents, Google Docs, Google Apps Docs, Images, Video/Audio streams, Notes, Web Clippings, RSS Feeds, etc.) to Zukmo. Typically, Zukmo will crawl the URLs, index the content, simplify the rendition of content, and maintain a searchable digital memory for important information you consume. Several other features/tools have been supported to enhance the user experience and these include Tag Recommendations, Comprehensive search across many content sources, saving Favorites, Converting tweets to Notes and tweet URLs to bookmarks, saving RSS Feeds as Bookmarks, Label based fetching of Google Docs/Google Apps Docs, Desktop plugin for Windows Platform etc.

    Zukmo for Android Mobile edition comes bundled with a crisp content browsing view, which means that you can easily browse or search through all of your content items such as saved Bookmarks, Tweets, RSS feeds, Notes, Google docs, Desktop Documents etc. Due to built-in synchronization feature, all the content items that you can view in your personal digital library in the cloud are now instantly accessible from your Android phone. Currently, we list all your content items in chronological fashion by default and provide for a way to list the favorites from the clickable icon on top.

    Whenever content is viewed through the reader on the device, we provide the option for it to be stored offline for easy access later even when there is no network connectivity. This feature is available for bookmarked pages and notes.

    For more information, check out the Zukmo website at and also visit our blog at or else drop an email to

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