1000 Ahadith for Da'iah




    Alhumdulillahi Rabbilaalamin – All praise is due to Allah. And the best salam and greetings to Rausullah, the one about whom Allah the Almighty says, "You are exalted to the highest character". And another aya says, "And whatever he speaks is revelation", about our beloved Prophet (saaws).

    This book is a humble gift to our beloved Prophet (saaws), and from his eminence to our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters as a blessing ten times over from Allah, Mighty and Majestic, First and Last.

    Applying the hadith of Rasulullah (saaws), “Allah makes the face of the one who spreads my hadith and the one who hears it glow and shine.” We hope our faces and our being will be with the glow and shine of light of Rasulullah (saaws) in the Day of Resurrection.

    To verify and organize the hadith of Rasulullah (saaws) is great blessing, but it requires a lot of effort. The handful of ahadith in this book required more than three years to collect and verify from reliable sources. All these ahadith are in the level of sahih or hasan. Nowadays you may verify any by searching in reliable websites like,, and others.

    We tried our best to choose short and directly to the point ahadith. May this be helpful for those working in the field of daw’a and the like.

    While many draw from Bukhari and Muslim alone, most ahadith are reported by other great scholars. These scholars graded each hadith for authenticity. The habit of some to ignore ahadith aside from Bukhari and Muslim actually ignores great percentage of the life of Rasulullah (saaws). Bukhari and Muslim together reported no more than ten thousand unique ahadtih, and this does not represent 23 years of life from our Prophet (saaws): his sayings, his actions, and his permissions. And Allah knows best.

    Moreover, we would like to mention this important point; no one is in the level to grade the hadith of Rasulullah (saaws) except renowned scholars who spend their life to rank the hadith and their narrators. Many of the hadith are reported several times, though the chain of narrators may be stronger in some versions than others. There are more than 40 levels of hadith daif alone; most levels we may use in good faith but we must know the levels close to fabrication to avoid: baseless, without narrator, and cut off. And Allah knows best our intention.

    This book is organized into chapters to make it a useful resource. Each chapter contains a small collection of ahadith with a common theme.

    The collector is Hafiz Sheikh Ibrahim Habach.


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