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    3 Books of Occult Philosophy - Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

    Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" is widely considered a classic in the world of magical study, and rightfully so. This is the fount of Western Occultism. So many of today's books on magic and the occult contain little more than revisions of the foundation ideas that Agrippa presents in this collection.

    Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy must rank as one of, if not the most important work ever written on the Western Occult tradition. It provides the philosophy and concept behind the magic.

    Agrippa, often when discussing a single concept, simultaneously pulls from hebrew and the Qabalah, christianity and the Bible, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology, and Greek philosophers such as Plato and Pythagoras. It seems that in his mind, all these beliefs and philosophies hold truths in them and he takes them all into consideration, like a scientist would take in all the facts he recieves from the natural world.

    The basic, uniting principle of this mammoth volume is the Soul of the World. This is the traditional Greek concept (Agrippa was clearly a Neo-Platonist) of an intermediary world-soul that mediates between the One and the material world. This is the basis of all natural magic. This is what interconnects all of Agrippa's vast system of astrology, numerology, alchemy, Kabala, seals, talismans, lists of correspondences, etc. Everything in the cosmos emanates downward from the highest Source. Moreover, hidden currents and vibrations interconnect the lower with the higher in sympathetic union.

    Every student of occult sciences should have this volume of work in their occult library. It is one of the "bread and butter" grimoires of Western Occultism

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