7 must-read Feng Shui

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    7 must-read Feng Shui

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    Book a home feng shui knowledge; bedroom feng shui taboos; construction of feng shui office feng shui considerations; urban residential feng shui choice;; Xuankong original meaning; Xuankong original meaning

    2,7 This feng shui books, to facilitate reading ...

    Popular talk, feng shui is a good place, living here can help personnel prosperous fortune, so that future generations of wealth, Hilltop. Strictly speaking, is in line with feng shui

    Location or environment of the "rich" and "expensive" principles and standards (ie, the so-called "good feng shui"). Poised criteria: first of all have Mountains from to
    Local winds come, This is to the dragon, feng shui in the so-called the approaching coming to an end at the uplift of mountain peaks before Kakashi the peak left out Qinglongshan, White Tiger right there, in theHave Mingtang tortuous flow to the grave hole Tibet wind gas gathering blessings descendants; of foreign broad energy content Kazuma, can be caused by the descendants of a bright future, Fluke stretches. Luban spellRecord: volts to the natural landscape, the floor of the town house, to resist all disaster, family home, good luck, prosperity of family well-being.

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