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    How to Have a
    High Fashion Wardrobe

    On a Bargain Basement Budget
    Sound impossible? Well it isn’t. If you truly envy those who shop at trendy, expensive boutiques wearing designer clothing then this is for you!
    Can You Really Achieve Fashion Success In Today's Economy?
    Yes, you can! Have you ever wondered why some people are more fashionable than others? You know the ones – they look like they just stepped out of an advertisement in Vogue.
    Well look no further. You can achieve the same results by creating your very own clothing! Many people don’t know it, but you can find patterns that mimic the latest designs down to the minute details.
    Even if you were a miserable failure in your “Home Economics” class learning to sew is one of the simplest talents you will ever develop. And, you can do it right away!
    Did you know that the actual ‘sewing’ is only a small part of the entire process of creating a garment? It’s true. Most of what you need to know as a beginning seamstress are the lingo and the details. And, you learn it all in A Stitch in Time - A Beginners Guide to Sewing.
    Take a look at what you will learn:
    • How to Assemble a Sewing Kit – this is all about having great notions! Learn what basic items you should begin with.
    • Selecting the Right Fabric – How to select the correct fabric for the task at hand. You wouldn’t use organza to recover your furniture!
    • Zipping It Up – It’s not necessarily all about zippers. Discover all the other types of closures that are available.
    • Patterns - Before and After - Describes how to take the proper measurements before you go off to buy a pattern. Remember where we suggested that sewing is less about sewing and more about technique? This is where you learn the heart and soul of your sewing projects.
    • Seamless Finishing – Discover how to make the inside seams of a garment just as attractive as the outside.
    • To Sleeve Or Not To Sleeve – Chances are when you buy your clothes you don’t really give much thought to the style of the sleeve, yet there are many different styles. Learn what some of them are in this chapter.
    • All About Pockets - Like sleeves, there’s a whole library full of information about pockets. Learn what they are and how they are assembled.
    • Dressing Up – How would you like to dress up or embellish some of the garments in your existing wardrobe? Well, we teach you how in this chapter.
    • Inside and Out – Does your garment require lining? Learn the importance of linings and the different weights and types of available materials for lining the perfect garment.
    • Starting Simple – Did you know that different pattern manufacturers have entire series of "easy to do" patterns. These are great for the beginner.
    • Wondering About Your Windows - Yes you can even find patterns for curtains and draperies - all those pattern catalogues have window coverings you can do yourself.
    • Slip into Something New With Slipcovers - How to change the look of your furniture without the expense.
    • Organizing Your Sewing Space – Learn how to set up a sewing studio anywhere - a corner of your kitchen or a luxurious room of your own – we discuss layout and what is needed for an effective sewing room.
    • Buying Your First Sewing Machine – Find out what different types of are machines available including prices and features.
    • Should You Buy a Serger - It can be seen as a potential luxury item, but not if you become a prolific seamstress - it can save tons of time and give great finishes. We discuss the different models and prices.

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