Aartis Chalisa Mantras (Full)

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    This is a collection of everyday Hindu Aarties (prayers), Chalisas (a form of prayer that has 40 verses) and Mantras (group of sacred words considered capable of creating transformation) organized into an easy to use interface.

    Just download this app and you will have all the popular aartes and chalisas in your smart phone.

    The collection contains 43 Aarties, 18 Chalisas and 22 Mantras - all organised into a simple booklet.

    ** Please note that this is a booklet with text only - there is no audio/video in this app **

    Aaarties are classified into subgroups of Gods, Goddesses, Saptvar (weekday), festive, scripture and other.

    God aarties contain aarties for gods - Balaji, Ganesh, Gauri Nandan, Hanuman, Kunj Bihari, Radha - krishna, Rama, Shiva and Vishnu.

    Goddess aarties contain aarties for goddesses - Ambe, Annapoorna Devi, Chintpurni Devi, Durga, Ganga, Gayitri, Jagdamba, Kali, Lakshmi, Parvati, Santoshi Mata, Saraswati, Shakumbhri, Vaishno Mata and Vindheshwari Devi.

    Saptvaar aarties contain aarties for Ravivar, Somvar, Mangalvar, Budhvar, Brhaspativar and Shani Dev.

    Festive aarties contain aarties for Ahoi Mata, Satya Narayan and Shivratri.

    Scripture aarties contain aarties for Bhagwat and Ramayan.

    Under Other Aarties there are aarties for Bhairav, Charon Dham, Gau-Mata, Sai Baba, Surya Dev, Tulsi and Vishwakarma.

    The section for Chalisas contain following 18 chalisas:
    Bhairav Chalisa, Durga Chalisa, Ganesh Chalisa, Ganga Chalisa, Gayatri Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, Kali Chalisa, Krishna Chalisa, Lakshmi Chalisa, Navagraha Chalisa, Ram Chalisa, Radha Chalisa, Sai Chalisa, Santoshi Chalisa, Saraswati Chalisa, Shani Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa and Vindheshwari Chalisa.

    The Mantras section contains the following 22 mantras:
    Brahama Mantra, Durga Mantra, Ganesh Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Guru Mantra, Hanuman Mantra, Kali Mantra, Krishna Mantra, Kuber Mantra, Lakshmi Mantra, Mool Mantra, Navagraha Mantra, Ram Mantra, Sai Jaikara, Sai Maha-Mantra, Sai Shanti-Mantra, Saraswati Mantra, Shanti Path, Shiv Mantra, Surya Mantra, Surya-Namaskar Mantra and Vishnu Mantra.

    ** You must be able to read english in order to use this version **

    Navigation - The app uses an easy to use list type navigation in conjunction with the device back button.

    This is a stand-alone app, once installed - does not need internet connection to read the collection.

    Any discrepancy, error or concern can be notified via email to

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