About Chronic Headaches

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    About Chronic Headaches

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    *** How to Deal With Debilitating Chronic Headaches Once and for All! ***

    Dear Reader,

    It begins again. It's always the same. One minute you are feeling just fine, dealing with everyday activities. Maybe you're a little bit stressed. Maybe you aren't. You've never been able to figure out the "why" aspect of the equation.

    No matter how it begins it's just a prelude to what you know will be the "main course." It floats at the back of your consciousness like the boogeyman in the closet. You know it's there. And you hope it won't burst forth until you have a chance to deal with it.

    Call it whatever you want. It's a headache. Seems like such a small word compared to what it does. It can sneak up on you as we described above. Or, it can barrel down on you faster than a freight train and completely take you down in a heartbeat.

    As the saying goes, it's "different strokes for different folks." There are actually quite a few different types of headache. Migraine headaches are particularly nasty. The you have cluster, tension and rebound. Whatever type you have they share one common denominator. Pain!

    We could go on and on about the pain and how bad it is. Or we could play the game that "my headaches are worse than yours!" Childs play. What you need is answers and hopefully a CURE!

    Well, we've got the answer for you. FINALLY, a definitive guide on headaches, why you get them, what kind they are and how to end or diminish the pain! With over 100 jam-packed pages, "About Chronic Headaches" has just what you need.

    • First off is a discussion on the different types and their symptoms.
    • Learn what triggers contribute to your headaches.
    • Discover how to get the right diagnosis.
    • NSAIDS, Alpha Blockers, MAOIs, what do they mean?
    • Can you stop a migraine? How?
    • Is it possible to prevent headache?
    • What are some alternative methods and do they work?

    "About Chronic Headaches" focuses on the most common types of chronic headaches and provides you the necessary detail to determine what type you have. Learn what triggers your headaches and how to involve your doctor.

    Not only does "About Chronic Headaches" deal with symptoms and possible cures, it also washes away many misconceptions about headaches. Not all headaches are the same and stress is NOT always the cause.

    Some people are led to believe that headaches are "all in their head" or imaginary. Tell that to someone who feels like their head is going to explode! Headaches are a major condition like any other and need to be dealt with properly.

    Get the questions and the answers you need. Don't wait another minute and don't risk another headache. We can help!

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