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    ACID Music Studio 9 Tutorial

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    Full offline FREE tutorial for ACID Music Studio 9 (in English)! This is a perfect step by step tutorial, if you want to learn all about ACID Music Studio 9. Just install this application and read it!

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    Table of content:

    1) Introduction
    => Welcome to ACID Music Studio software
    => System requirements
    => Installing ACID Music Studio software
    => Using online help
    => Online help
    => Show Me How tutorials
    => Help on the Web
    2) Learning the ACID Window
    => Overview of ACID Music Studio software
    => Main window
    => Toolbar
    => Track list
    => Timeline
    => Window docking area
    3) Starting Projects
    => Getting started
    => Setting project properties
    => Opening existing projects
    => Getting media files
    => Previewing media from the Explorer window
    => Adding media to the project
    4) Working with Projects
    => Adding and editing events
    => Painting events
    => Changing the length of events
    => Erasing sections of events
    => Moving events
    => Making selections
    => Selecting an event
    => Selecting multiple events
    => Working with events
    => Copying events
    => Pasting events
    => Cutting events
    => Deleting events
    => Working with tracks
    => Understanding clip types
    => Reordering tracks
    => Renaming tracks
    => Duplicating tracks
    => Deleting tracks
    => Copying, cutting, and pasting tracks
    => Adjusting the mix
    => Muting tracks
    => Soloing tracks
    => Working with groups of tracks
    => Using undo and redo
    => Using undo
    => Undoing all edits
    => Using redo
    => Clearing the undo history
    => Playing the project
    => Using the transport bar
    => Using playback options
    => Using the metronome
    => Using the Mixing Console
    => Viewing the Mixing Console window
    => Mixing Console toolbar
    => Channel List pane
    => View pane
    => Channel strips
    5) Recording
    => Recording audio
    => Preparing to record
    => Recording into an empty track
    => Monitoring audio levels
    => Recording MIDI
    => Setting up a MIDI controller for recording into a track
    => Recording MIDI in real time
    => Using MIDI step recording
    6) Saving and Rendering Projects
    => Saving a project
    => Specifying locations for saved media files
    => Rendering projects
    7) Index


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