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    Those old days of reading magazines are gone. If you want to raise fishes, you can anytime go online and communicate with other fish hobbyists through forums and blogs.

    African cichlids are one of the most popular and the most colorful fishes in the world. It’s also the most researched fishes in the Internet. You might be wondering how to raise them properly despite of their aggressive behaviors.

    In the book entitled “African Cichlids: The Pet of Kings! - How to tame the world's smartest fish (ISBN #: 9781613230299),” George M. Fairchild, a graduate in Regis University, covers tips and useful information any fish lover needs to know. He describes the physical characteristics of the different types of cichlids, which come from Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. The book also talks about how these African cichlids live, how they reproduce, what they eat and how to clean their aquarium.

    “African Cichlids: The Pet of Kings!” is available direct at for only $4.99. Purchase its app version compatible to Android and you can get 60% discount. You can also get the book at other retailers – at and at Barnes & Nobles:

    A detailed review is written by a regular customer at eBook.GD Publishing. Owen Black says:

    ""One lazy afternoon, I was about to go in the bookstore to purchase a book on fishes. I never had an idea what type of fish book I wanted but I am visualizing something in my mind. I scanned the web and the title ""The Pet of Kings!"" easily captured my attention. The book is all about African cichlids and these are exactly the type of fish I want to have. Its price is affordable so I quickly ordered and downloaded it online. I started reading the first chapter and I like how it's written. The first chapter opened with a story of a zoology student and his interest for fishes. This page has also a photo of colorful fishes and it's with a caption that says: ""Fishes are unique."" I continued reading the book and it taught me how to understand their diet, their lifestyle, their breeding technique and how they should be properly raised. After reading the five chapters and further explored the links in reference section, I immediately recommended it to my family, friends and relatives.""


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