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    Ajanta Caves Guide

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    Ajanta Caves

    Ajanta is world's greatest historical monument recognised by UNESCO. The rock-cut caves are world famous and illustrate the degree of skill and artistry that Indian craftsmen had achieved several hundred years ago. These caves are known for their mural paintings. The story behind these rock-cut caves is fascinating. Visiting Ajanta caves will definitely prove to be an enriching experience.

    This app provides you with information about several of Ajanta caves.

    Contents of this app:

    ** Cave 1 : Depiction of Prince Buddha.

    ** Cave 2 : Illustration of Buddha's birth.

    ** Cave 7 : Miracle of "Sravasti".
    and more.

    Ajanta caves are definitely an architectural wonder. If you are very much into visiting historical places, then your visit to these caves are a must. They provide an escape from reality and transport you to the world of historical spectacle. Free yourself from the clutches of urbanisation and make a run towards India. A visit to Ajanta caves comes with a guarantee - it will provide one of a kind experience.

    This app is all about the caves of Ajanta which provides you with information on its different caves.

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