All Important Holistic Guide

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    All Important Holistic Guide

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    Holistic is paraphrase that emphasizes the overall importance and interconnectedness of its parts.

    Holistic approach to looking at the whole person, in the sense of the human element of cognitive, affective and behavior. Humans also cannot stand alone, but is closely related to the environment. Humans cannot be separated from other human beings, as well as the physical environment or natural surroundings. Humans also depend on Almighty God as the creator and his life determinants.

    If the word is used in the context of a holistic service to others in need of the services has the meaning given to neighbors or the whole person, whether physical, mental, social and spiritual well-balanced attention.

    Back on the nature of creation, God created man not only pay attention to his physical, or mental, or social or even spiritual course alone. The integrity of God's creation to man is that later developed into his background in pastoral ministry to men

    An All Important Holistic Guide

    In This Book, You Will Learn :
    - Imagination
    - Desire and Manifesting
    - Belief and Deserving
    - Opportunity
    - Co-creation
    - And so much more