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    All India High Court Judgments from Year 1991, Total 1,47,575 Judgments available (In words - One Lakh fourty seven thousand five hundred and seventy five only , Last 22 years Judgments with free updates in future)

    We have judgments from below High Courts

    Allahabad (8,109 Judgments)
    Andhra (9,961 Judgments)
    Bombay (8,583 Judgments)
    Chattisgarh (2,307 Judgments)
    Madras (10,970 Judgments)
    Delhi (11,018 Judgments)
    Gauhati (4,438 Judgments)
    Gujarat (10,174 Judgments)
    Himachal Pradesh (1,641 Judgments)
    Jammu (3,112 Judgments)
    Jharkhand (1,022 Judgments)
    Jodhpur (2,500 Judgments)
    Karnataka (6,759 Judgments)
    Kerala ( 8,903 Judgments)
    Calcutta (22,833 Judgments)
    Madhya Pradesh (5,164 Judgments)
    Orissa (4,118 Judgments)
    Patna (3,972 Judgments)
    Punjab Haryana (11,025 Judgments)
    Rajasthan (5,645 Judgments)
    Sikkim (125 Judgments)
    Uttaranchal (896 Judgments)
    Patna (Orders) (2,180 Judgments)
    Jodhpur (2,500 Judgments)
    Kolkata(Appelite side) (1,932 Judgments)
    Allahabad (Lucknow Bench) (188 Judgments)

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    It will show following information
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    5) Complete Judgment Detail
    6) Bench

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