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    AlphaBELCH - A Noisy A-to-Z Book About Animals Who Burp!

    Kids love animals and kids love to laugh at burps and belches. Put them together and you've got "AlphaBELCH" - an A-to-Z gallery of animals who burp on the land, in the air, and under the sea!

    AlphaBELCH was created by bestselling writer Stephen White, who has entertained millions of children with "Barney & Friends (tm)" television episodes, videos, feature film, and scores of children's books.


    • Funny, full-color illustrations of gassy animals from Aardvarks to Zebras.
    • Silly sound effects for every animal on every page.
    • Spoken narration to help young readers, or "read it yourself" without narration.
    • Large, easy to recognize alphabet letters.
    • All tied together with a wholesome parent-pleasing lesson in good manners, reinforced with fun!

    Recommended for children ages 3-7.