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    Subject steppe is in the works of Chekhov's a special place. Chekhov's story "The Steppe" marked him not only a turning point in the creative biography of the writer - as she testified about the uncommon event in Russian literature. This story was one of the tops of our poetic literature. "The Steppe" Chekhov led a series of his works written in the steppe and rich material cherished thoughts and intimate mood of the great Russian writer. This cycle, except for "The Steppe", consists of works such as "Happiness", "Kazak", "Beauty," "In the home corner," "Pecheneg" etc. In each of these works in varying degrees, in one way or another featured the steppe. The organic theme to the steppes of Chekhov's work confirmed his direct statements in his letters and his deep interest in the subject at various stages of literary activity. Subject steppe Chekhov has significant content. Chekhov in his "steppe" works not only vividly portrays all the characteristics of the steppe landscape, but, using the intimate, close steppe material, expresses with great artistic power of his thoughts home, the people, the happiness, of beauty. Apparently, currently spoken by the mouth of Chekhov the writer Trigorin of the play "The Seagull", "I feel nature, it excites in me a passion, an irresistible urge to write. But I'm not just a landscape painter, I'm still a citizen, I love the motherland, the people, I feel that if I am a writer, I must say about the people of his sufferings, of his future, talking about science, about human rights, etc. . and so on.. " A feature in the development of the steppe theme in Chekhov is an organic combination of other topics. "Steppe" Chekhov's are multipartite in thematic and ideological relations. Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the work of Chekhov's "The Steppe", which in concentrated form, given all the basic creative ideas, characteristic of Chekhov as a writer and citizen.

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