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    The first interactive digital book authorized by Chia-hui Hsing (Arlene Hsing), many-times awarded children’s literature expert and critique famous in Taiwan, who will read you the story “in person”!

    A beautiful Taiwanese version with voice-over by Hui-ying Hsu (Momo), a talented singer and celebrated radio host of Super FM 98.5.

    One winter, I came to a small town. It has a past I was familiar with and a future I dreamed of. People there were friendly, but life was life, some cried, some got upset, and some fished by the river without a worry in the world. But I found children there somewhat different. ──Chia-hui Hsing

    We believe that children have the ability to love, as well as the courage and strength to transform grief and sorrow. This is a heart-warming story that will lend strength to younger readers and offer silent condolences to the older. You will be reading the diary of a little girl named Peapod, and help her complete the content of her diary as days go by, experiencing the process with her.


    *Pigeons come bearing autographs
    Got something you want to share with the author in secret? Write now, and the author will personally reply with an autograph!

    *Interactive games and puzzles
    Interactive games including geometric jigsaw puzzle, treasure hunt in the dark and pair-up shopping will engage you in the story, and help Peapod uncover secrets behind the texts and pictures as the diary is read and develops.

    *Cultivate reading literacy
    Encourage independent thinking and questioning as well as cultivate reading literacy: challenge the traditional method of linear and all-seeing narration, tell the story in multi-layers, and ask, exactly who does My Dear refer to?

    *Innovative animated scenes
    Animated scenes change as Peapod’s emotions change, symbolizing the transition of atmospheres at home, which is also the entrance and exit to Peapod’s diary.

    *Heart-warming illustrations
    Numerous colored illustrations by senior illustrator Wang-jing Yang especially for the interactive digital version. Using mild green and lined notepad as backdrop, the book is delicately drawn with loving affections and hopes of resurrection, all neatly bundled in one.

    *Original music track
    Poetic piano trio composed by musician Evan Lee, symbolizing the appearances of and conversations between the three family members at different times, weaving the inseparable bond in the family.

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