Arthur Doyle. Collection 1

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    Arthur Conan Doyle - the great classic of world literature, not only created the famous series of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but also many other great adventure, science fiction, domestic, historical works, each of which shows the talent of the master.

    The collection includes 10 works of the writer:

    Number 249
    Vanished special train
    Copper Beeches
    Our rates for the derby
    Error Captain Sharkey
    Three students
    Horror cleft Blue John
    In lilac lodge
    Yellow Face

    Books in Russian!

    Yellow face, in a lavender lodge (translated into Russian: Volpin Nadezhda);
    Xaphan (translated into Russian: Ber Esther);
    Copper Beeches, Error Captain Sharkey (translated into Russian: Emelyannikova Nina);
    Our rates for the derby, Vanished extra locomotive, Horror cleft Blue John, № 249 (Russian translation: Vysotsky Natalia);
    Three students (translated into Russian: Gvozdareva Ninel).

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