Aviation Mechanic Powerplant

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    Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test Standards FAA-S-8081-28 with Changes 1 & 2: FAA-S-8081-28, is to replace the oral and practical test guides currently used. Both testing procedures will be in effect until all examiners have been trained to administer the test in accordance with the PTS, or 2 years after the effective date of Order 8610.4J, Aviation Mechanic Examiner Handbook. After which time, all tests must be administered under the PTS guidelines. New examiners must use the PTS upon completion of initial training. Previously appointed examiners must transition to the PTS within 60 days after completion of recurrent training. This Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test Standards book has been published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish the standards for the Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test. The passing of this practical test is a required step toward obtaining the Aviation Mechanic certificate with a Powerplant rating. FAA inspectors and Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) shall conduct practical tests in compliance with these standards. Applicants should find these standards helpful in practical test preparation. This test book contains the following Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test Standards.

    Section IV—Powerplant Theory and Maintenance

    Section V —Powerplant Systems and Components

    The Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test Standards include the subject areas of knowledge and skill for the issuance of an aviation mechanic certificate and/or the addition of a rating. The subject areas are the topics in which aviation mechanic applicants must have knowledge and/or demonstrate skill.