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    The Avtar Bani is the religious book of Nirankari Mission that outlines the key philosophy of the Sant Nirankari Mission. It may in fact be considered the Bible or Quran of the Mission.

    The Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM), also known as Universal Brotherhood Mission, is a spiritual organization. The Sant Nirankari Mission is neither a new religion nor a sect of an existing religion but an all-embracing spiritual movement dedicated to human welfare. Its objective is to establish Universal Brotherhood among people from diverse backgrounds throughout the world.

    His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj is the head of the Sant Nirankari Mission.
    Today, SNM has over 12 million followers all over the world. Its world headquarters is located in Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi.

    This app contains the following features

    - English version of Avtar bani
    - Hindi version of Avtar Bani
    - Notes option to add a note to the Verses.
    - Bookmark option to save your favorites.
    - Option to adjust font size and background color.
    - Live News feed from .

    Normally, a verse from the Avtar Bani is read out before every discourse in most congregations (except when His Holiness Himself is giving the discourse). The verses are also read out at the beginning of each congregation. Devotees are however free to sing/read these verses as hymns anytime they prefer for personal spiritual enlightenment.

    It contains 376 hymns which describe the qualities of Formless God (Nirankar), the important role of a True Spiritual Guide in attaining God realization, the kindness and grace of the True Master, the purpose of human life, the five fundamental principles, true devotion and how a man can lead a saintly life. The Avtar Bani is not worshipped as a holy religious book like the Quran or the Bible, but it is highly regarded by the Nirankari devotees for its authenticity.

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