Through 9 long months of war and bloodshed of 30 million martyrdom Bangladesh gained independence in 1971. But the most part of the history is totally unknown to new generation. They don’t even know and unable to tell many event of the War of Liberation. To make aware and also for informing the true history to the young generation, we, the members of PowerGroupBD have taken a little step. Also we are presenting our History to the whole world via this application.
    Most of the youth are now addicted on smartphones. In our apps, we have tried to let them know our history in their own way.
    Also here is a gallery of images from which you can have a tiny idea of the situation of the time of the War of Liberation. Also a you can watch videos from the apps.
    This apps is not all in one. We will serve you with new features, new information's. We will come to you people know about our tradition and culture through this apps.
    If you really want to know and make your next generation also known about Bangladesh, stay with us.
    If we have any wrong info, any kind of limitations of the app please feel free to inform us at any time. or if you have any better idea to make the app more attractive, share with us. We will serve you with your desired needs.

    Image Courtesy : - Bangladesh Old Photo Archive (Facebook)

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