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    Want to learn how to be a bartender? Want to liven up your parties with some bartending skills?

    This app is a bartending guide for beginners. It will provide all the basic tips and tricks about bartending. You'll also get exclusive recipes for mixed drinks, shots drinks and martinis.

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    In one way or the other, the bar whether at a home party or club or bar scene, is depended upon to really up the mood of any social gathering. As event planners would say, “There’s no party without a bar!”

    As the life of the party, the bartender’s role takes center stage and acts as charming host and entertainer. He performs for an audience and keeps people entertained by amusing them in various ways.

    Bartending is a true form of entertainment. The simple act of mixing drinks becomes an acrobatic exhibition with all sorts of mind-blowing stunts and props designed to amaze the crowd. Bartenders also become instant comedians dishing out bar jokes in perfect comedic timing. At some point, he also becomes games master as he throws in bar tricks that people play in for fun.

    To be a bartender requires a whole set of skills in drink mixing, performing and even food pairing. The pros make it look so easy, but they spent years and years of practice and training. This app will give you the fundamentals in bartending to help any beginner to start out. Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Bartending expressions
    • Bartending tools
    • Basic techniques you need to practice
    • How to stock your bar
    • How to decorate your cocktails
    • Cocktail drink recipes
    • Recipes for martinis
    • Shot recipes
    • Famous bar tricks
    • Popular bar jokes

    With this app’s help, you can start your education and start your own brand of bartending entertainment right at home. You can study further and make a viable career in bartending in any place around the world!

    Grab your bartending guide app now and let the fun begin!

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