Basic Care for Your Horses

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    Basic Care for Your Horses

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    Basic Care for Your Horse

    Are you an avid equestrian thinking about purchasing your own horse? Maybe you want to buy a horse for your children? If so, don’t even begin the process until you read what we have to say. . .
    If you thought that owning your own horse is out of your reach, think again. Every year thousands of people just like you are becoming horse owners and you can too.
    There are many things to consider when buying a horse. Obviously, it isn’t like buying a new dog or cat. It’s a serious undertaking.
    At the same time many there are many benefits as well. The pleasure of riding and enjoying time outdoors while bonding with your horse are priceless. If you are purchasing a horse for your child, it is an excellent way to teach responsibility.
    You need answers to your questions. The challenge is that unless you are a very experienced rider, most first time buyers don’t even know what questions to ask.
    You need to know what to look for and where to look. That is why we have prepared Basic Care for Your Horse. You learn what to look for and where to find it.
    Inside Basic Care for Your Horse you learn:

    - Selecting Your Horse – learn about breeds, color and purposes.
    - Stabling – where to keep your horse, fencing, food storage.
    - Caring for your horse – feeding, exercising and grooming.
    - Your Horses Health – normal preventative care, special problems and when your horse is sick.
    - Tack – get all the answers about bits, bridles, saddles, halters, harnesses, ropes and more.
    - Clothing for the rider – learning about boots, pants, hats, dressage and more.
    - Different Equestrian Events – interested in showing your horse? Learn about horse shows, rodeos, gymkhanas, racing and more.
    - Selecting a farrier – to shoe or not to shoe you still need a farrier for keeping your horses feet healthy.
    - How to select a horse trainer – what to look for in a trainer.
    - Camping with your horse(s) – should you buy or rent a trailer?
    - History of horses – discover the evolution of the horse.
    - Horses and the handicapped – how horses are helping the handicapped.
    - Horses and Hollywood – from Silver to Trigger visiting famous horses in history.
    - Horses and Youth – how to help your youngsters raise, train and show horses.
    - Horse Associations – learn about the various organizations that certify pedigrees.

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