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    Beginner Crocheting

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    Crocheting requires intricate handiwork. It’s a skill of patience and fineness.

    This app will provide all the basic crochet instructions for beginners. Get lots of info on crochet stitches and simple crochet patterns to help you learn how to crochet so you can make lovely crochet projects!

    Extras: Includes a fun puzzle game! Try and piece the picture back together. How fast can YOU finish it?!


    Crochet history dates back as early as the 1500s with origins from the Mediterranean places. It’s an established craft so that even though there have been many innovations, most techniques and patterns are derived from the vintage works. In fact, most antique patterns can be given a modern look and are still as practicable for today’s use.

    Crocheting is one of the few art forms left that you can do at your own leisurely pace. One writer has even called it the perfect accompaniment to daydreaming.

    It requires slow and gentle strokes to do crocheting so you can never hurry to finish a project. Many enthusiasts say that if you’re stressed about something while you’re crocheting, that stress will show in your work.

    With all the different selection of hooks, yarns, stitches and techniques to become familiar with, it is easy for any beginner to get overwhelmed and discouraged. But any craft form requires some amount of know-how and skill, and so any beginner must possess the enthusiasm, patience and dedication to learn and master all the crocheting techniques.

    This app will take most of the guesswork out of starting crocheting. The beginner will get to learn the following:

    • Introduction to crochet supplies
    • Yarn recommendations for beginners
    • Easy to follow instructions and illustrations for the basic techniques
    • Simple vintage patterns that you can make easily
    • Resources aplenty

    If you’re really into crochet and want to be successful with your projects, don’t be discouraged by your first attempts. The more you work on your mistakes, the better your skills will be. Crocheting is like tennis: the more you hit the ball “over” the court, the better your shots will be. So start learning the basic techniques and then practice, practice and practice until you can hook, loop and shape with ease and make exquisitely lovely crochet projects impeccably!

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