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    Bengaluru Tourism
    (1) Bengaluru is known as The Garden City (2) Bengaluru is a popular tourist place because of its gardens, parks, architectural and historical places (3) Shopping Malls, Discotheques, pubs, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains etc. are here (4) People all over the world who are keen to see the beauty of India come Bengaluru (5) Bengaluru is a good place for shopping

    Bengaluru Transport
    (1) Bengaluru has National and International Airports (Bengaluru International Airport) (2) Bengaluru is linked with the other cities of India by Indian Railways, Airways and Buses (3) Auto Rickshaws and taxis are there for transportation (4) Busses run by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation are one of the major mode of transport

    Bengaluru Sports
    (1) Most popular sport of Bengaluru is Cricket (2) Famous cricketers Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble are from Bengaluru (3) M. Chinnaswamy Stadium is the famous cricket stadium of Bengaluru (4) Bengaluru has Bangalore Royal Challengers (the IPL team) and Bangalore Hi-fliers (the Premier Hockey League Team)

    Bengaluru Geography and Climate
    (1) Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka (2) Bengaluru has a pleasant climate (3) Bengaluru is located in Deccan plateau above the sea level (4) Its not very cold in winters and not very hot in summers in Bengaluru (5) Climate is quite comfortable here (6) Its summer in Bengaluru from April till June

    Bengaluru Infrastructure
    (1) Bengaluru is connected by roads, flyovers, railways, airports and highways (2) Govt. of Bengaluru is improving their Infrastructure day by day (3) Bengaluru has national and international airports (4) Metro Rail is one of the major mode of transport (5) Entertainment and real estate sectors are developing here (6) Infrastructure of Bengaluru is best suitable for BPOs, MNCs and other IT companies

    Bengaluru Economy
    (1) Many multinational companies are there in Bengaluru (2) Malls, Discotheques, pubs, restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, parks etc. are here (3) IT industry is also well established (4) Many large scale industries are established here such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) (5) Bengaluru has National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) (6) Many telecom software companies are there in Bengaluru

    Bengaluru Administration
    (1) Bengaluru is administered by the Greater Bangalore Municipal Corporation (2) Civic functions of the city is taken care by the Corporation (3) City council runs the corporation (4) A ward is represented by a councilor (5) A mayor and a deputy mayor is also there in the corporation

    Bengaluru Demographics
    (1) Bengaluru is the third highest populated city of India (2) People of Bengaluru are called Bangaloreans (3) A large number of migrants come to Bengaluru every year from various parts of India (4) Kannada is the official language of Bengaluru. Other languages are Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Konkani etc

    Bengaluru Culture
    (1) Bengaluru has a variety of cultures and religions (2) People of all cultures and religions lives in Bengaluru (3) Migration of every year creates a unique blend of culture (4) Festivals of every community like Dussera, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Ugadi, Sankranthi and Christmas and many more are celebrated in Bengaluru on large scale

    Bengaluru Media
    (1) Bengaluru has many newspaper publications of different languages like Kannada and English etc (2) Many Magazines are also published in Bengaluru (3) Radio is another popular mass media in Bengaluru (4) Radio city, many FM channels are being broadcasted (5) Bengaluru has Doordarshan channels

    Bengaluru Education
    (1) Two types of schools are there in Bengaluru- Govt. schools and Private schools (2) In 10th class students can choose Arts, Commerce or Science for a general or a professional degree course (3) Bengaluru has many engineering and medical colleges, technological institutes, management colleges, law colleges etc (4) Bengaluru has IIM (the Indian Institute of Management)

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