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    Bhagwat Gita, a 700-verse scripture and an imperative part of the Hindu epic-Mahabharta. The
    sacred scripture is renowned for life-altering quotes that help any individual in finding the path
    when he /she find themselves in confusing state. This contains a conversation between pandava
    prince Arjun and his guide Lord Krishna on different theological and philosophical issues.

    Clauruss Apps has developed an app incorporating popular and motivational quotes of Bhagwat
    Gita to help users in getting clearer vision about life. The app development company has
    developed a series of applications over the thought of eminent legends, scripture and Bhagwat
    Gita App is the recent addition to the series.

    The Significance of Bhagwat Gita

    As we already know that the scripture has its own value and can tremendously help people to
    get rid of their confusion and sorrows related with life. We have designed the app with an aim
    to share the wonderful quotes with people across the globe and help them to understand the
    purpose and value of life. The highest sorrow in life is caused by death, and death is the only
    truth. Hence, the purpose of Gita is to make your like worthy and use it for the betterment of

    Claruss App combines a number of features in order to enable users to get the maximum out of
    it and gain an edge in their lives. Some of the exciting features are as follows-

    SMS the Quotes

    You can share your favorite quote with your friends, family or any beloved via SMS. Just select
    the quotes, add the contact and tap SEND. As simple as it is sounding as the quotes are highly
    inspiring in nature, your friends will definitely like them and appreciate your way of supporting

    Share Quotes on Social Media

    Without social media update, no sharing can be taken as complete. As you spend a notable
    hours over the internet, especially on social media and have a lot of friends here, we have added
    a facility to share your favorite Bhagwat Gita quote on your social media account as a status
    update. Just do it and enjoy a large number of likes.

    Mail Quotes

    You can mail the quotes to your friends, family, business associates or anyone you like. It will be
    the fastest way to let people know your optimistic nature toward life and how do you deal with
    your sorrows.

    Download Bhagwat Gita app now and give you life a new dimension.

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