Bible Lists # 1

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    Do you love the Bible? Do you want to learn it better? Do you cherish the great stories, characters, teachings and examples? Do you want to make it a bigger part of your life? Then you will love this App. It is simply a great collection of lists, facts, trivia, biographies, timelines and lessons about the Bible.
    A few of the items found are:
    Time to Finish the Entire Bible
    Money in the New Testament
    Read the Gospels in 45 Days
    Money in the Old Testament
    Bible Names Becoming Less Used
    Religion of U.S. Presidents
    Ten Best Bible Characters
    Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego
    David and Goliath
    Best New Testament Stories
    Ten Villains of the Bible
    Ten Most Touching Bible Stories
    Clean and Unclean Animals
    Raised from the Dead
    Verses for Athletes
    Daniel and the Lion's Den

    Please Note: Because I wanted to appeal to a broad audience, several Bible translations are represented in this collection.
    Updates added frequently... more lists and articles added regularly...
    All lists and articles are stored on your device and will work with or without Wifi.

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