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    About the book

    The purpose of this book is to help you become a better manager of your small company. Every year, thousands of companies with annual sales under $10 million go bankrupt or are forced to merge with larger companies in order to survive. In many cases, either fate could have been avoided had management implemented a few or, perhaps, even one of the business practices discussed in the book.

    Make no mistake about it. These failures are hardly confined to restaurants and "mom -and-pop" operations. Quite the contrary, many are companies in sophisticated industries, peopled by bright, well - educated managers. These small company managers tend to be at least as competent, intelligent and attentive as their big business cousins. Unfortunately for many of them, however, their experience often cannot keep pace with their other fine qualities.

    It is important to note at the outset that sophistication is of relatively little importance in successful management of a small company. The practices and techniques recommended here are the "blocking and tackling" of business management. They are logical, uncomplicated, and (designed to be) easy to understand. Nevertheless, adherence to these fundamental principles can often spell the difference between success and failure

    About the Author

    Steven D. Popell is President of Popell, Incorporated, a San Francisco Bay Area general management consulting firm founded in 1970, and specializing in business valuation and exit strategies. Mr. Popell has been qualified as an expert in business valuation since 1974, and has provided expert testimony in this field for more than thirty years. He has designed the ExiTrak process to assist owner/managers to increase the strategic value of the company to support their exit strategy.

    Mr. Popell has been awarded the designation of Certified Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants USA, and is the founder and Past Chair of the College of Certified Management Consultants of the Institute of Management Consultants. In 2007, he received a Collaborative Practice California Eureka Award for his contributions to Collaborative Practice in this state. He received an MBA from Harvard University.