Birds by Colour

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    Birds by Colour is a fantastic guide to the birds of Britain, and makes bird identification super simple!

    There's loads of reasons you're going to love our app… here's some highlights:

    • 275 unique hand painted bird illustrations help make it super easy to recognise the bird you’re seeing

    • 100% original text content (content we've taken the time to write, not just copy down from Wikipedia!)

    • Perfect for out and about bird watching. No network access required (once downloaded) so you can enjoy bird identification regardless of Internet availability!

    Birds by Colour is a fantastic introduction to the birds of Britain, based on the best selling reference guide of the same name. Our super simple guide helps you identify the bird you’re seeing in two simple steps. Use our colour wheel to tap a matching colour, and then flick through a list of possible matches to easily find out which bird you’ve spotted!

    Each bird within our guide has been lovingly hand painted by talented artist Alan Pearson, with 275 unique illustrations! After a careful digital conversion process, this original artwork looks gorgeous on your screen, and helps to clearly identify the bird you’re seeing, with sex and age variations depicted where necessary. Rather than struggling to make out the often subtle bird distinctions through confusing digital photography, our birds paint a much clearer picture!

    Detailed descriptions are given for each bird, with details organised to help you quickly identify the bird you’re seeing, and clear up any confusion between visually similar birds. This text has all been painstakingly curated to provide you with the most helpful and interesting information. Birds by Colour features 100% original text content, provided by bird expert Mike Lambert.

    Birds by Colour is the ideal app to take out bird watching, providing full access to all our wonderful content without needing an active network connection. Once installed, you can enjoy uninterrupted wherever the birds take you!

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