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    Books by Author Allan Wallace

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    Allan R. Wallace is more the court jester able to engage the king's mind than a troubadour that entertains yet leaves no lasting impression.

    Allan's most recent works are daily thought provokers; but you may want to start with his fantasy adventure, a post-apocalyptic short story trilogy, or a hacktivist journey. * enjoy *

    For an optimist, the works of author Allan R. Wallace often display a remarkable counter culture desperation. Underlying his books is a trust in the continued advance of human kind, but with an understanding of inescapable long term reversals in this trend. Wisdom presented reflects that virtuous cycles are followed by vicious cycles -- forcing an accompanying acknowledgement of massive injustices currently inflicted and increasing.

    Allan's Sparrow Swift ePulp stories have an almost anti-James-Bond feel. Instead of Sir James unchallengeable acceptance of the rightness in a single nation's dictates; Sparrow Swift seeks purposely unaligned solutions for those whose lives are oppressed by any nation. Sparrow Swift helps people escape what we are so indoctrinated to ignore. All nations die, most by suicide, most after devouring the futures of their subject people.

    Other books by Allan Wallace continue the iconoclastic trend. If you seek the maximum verbosity that this generation's critics and award committees demand; look elsewhere. These are not flowery novels filled with artificed analogies and words selected to complement each other instead of furthering the tale -- they are stripped to the core stories that are written for those who read, stop to think, and then read some more.

    Updates of classic patterns with an emphases on empowering technologies resonate through Wallace's writing. These themes require your cerebral flexibility rather than any willingness to be submerged under generated waves of evocative beats. Keep your disbelief handy, suspend instead your educated compliance to authoritative structures. Here are ideas best understood if challenged. Reject, accept, or save Allan's views for later consideration -- and enjoy his well told stories.

    Instead of the despair of George Orwell's 1984, Allan Wallace's Uruguayo Shade points toward his hopes for hacktivists to untangle the warp and woof of international elite's Great Game schemes.

    The free prequel of the Hacker School Trilogy explains one possible fall of over-developed societies and celebrates hopeful societal resurrectionists.

    Cyberhug Me follows Hacker School:

    In particular Allan's stories in what has been described as the "soft apocalypse" of the Cyberhug.Me hacker trilogy present the positive potential of free will and personal choice. The progression of hacktivism tales in Cyberhug.Me lay the groundwork for generational rebuilding efforts.

    If you are willing; start the rebuilding of human rights yourself -- today. You don't need these books to get started -- but they will help.